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Then I worked out via the author's website that it was the third in a series and everything fell into picture perfect clarity. The character development that I felt was missing Though there were som Something didn't sit right with this novel for me. Though there were some nice moments, specifically any tense moments between Luke and his mother.

And between Luke and Ryan. The storyline I enjoyed the most, it was probably the F-plot, was Luke's issues with his mother's new man in the face of his father's death. Could it be handled better? Maybe, but it was an intriguing idea and I think McKenzie brought some much needed spark to Luke with it's arc. Yet this was undone by the caricature of an angry, overprotective father and the stereotypical gay friend.

As for Eve, I didn't see the attraction. I seriously could not see why Luke thought she was perfection incarnate and worth all that bother. I really dislike books that feature romance without sustainable character growth. It's like seeing Barbie and Ken kiss, entertaining for like a second and then you want to remove their heads or was that just me? If you aren't going to work the characters more then you need something gruesome, something tragic, something sparkly, something more.

I didn't get the more in this novel and it disappointed me because I think McKenzie is capable of it. I really believe that McKenzie is an author I could like but I think I may have started with the wrong title. Aug 11, Eve beinguniquebooks rated it it was amazing. As Eve is still in Spain, Luke tries to move on by going out and later losing it to Hayley, a girl who'll turn up again at a lot worse time in the future When Eve shockingly runs away from her crazy protective dad, Jonno, the couple are reunited and on the run to Cornwall then London with the help of Alejandro from the previous book.

As Luke tries to hide what he did whilst Eve was away even though he knows it's wrong to, he struggles to stay calm and level headed as his mum sinks into a deep d As Eve is still in Spain, Luke tries to move on by going out and later losing it to Hayley, a girl who'll turn up again at a lot worse time in the future As Luke tries to hide what he did whilst Eve was away even though he knows it's wrong to, he struggles to stay calm and level headed as his mum sinks into a deep depression, his sister moves out into a flat and leaves school and Ryan for a job and his dad's best friend Matt the Pratt abandons his mum and new responsibility.

A lot of drama sews the seams of this novel together culminating in a full circle of events since the series started. We've seen Luke get the girl, lose the girl and now try to win her back. Eve does seem a lot more grown up compared to in the past book and the run away story theme was fun but a bit too much as they rely on relative strangers to help them out. Overall, the series is a sweet look at how attraction can be super intense and I loved the idea of such a strong intense romance beginning just by one look.

Sweet, intense and unforgettable Jun 30, Geeta Sharma rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , favourite , romance , to-buy. Eve's gone. Luke can't get her out of his mind- he needs a distraction, ASAP, in form of a slinky tight dress and major cleavage. In a hasty decision, Luke does something he immediately regrets.

But to make it worst? Eve's back. And she's ready- to go the next step in their relationship. She thought Luke would wait for her and be her one and only- but apparently not. In a race against Eve's crazy protective father and wanting to stop Eve from finding out about Luke's previous impromptu hook up- h Eve's gone. In a race against Eve's crazy protective father and wanting to stop Eve from finding out about Luke's previous impromptu hook up- how will the two stay together? Feb 22, Sabriyah rated it did not like it. I didn't really enjoy this book.

And the fact that it came free in a magazine, put me off a little bit. Even though it was the last in a triology, I didn't have any confusion about the characters or plot. It was a pretty simple plot and so I didn't feel much excitement. Also, I didn't like the characters much- I didn't feel any chemistry between the two lovers. I'm quite glad I didn't pay for it to be honest. Apr 19, Izzy rated it it was ok Shelves: books-i-own , cover-love.

This one was the worst. In which lovable dopey Luke turns into a sex crazed creep who finds it hard to respect the choices of others including the girl he claims to love. Was particularly upset to see that the only regret from his actions earlier in the book were that they prevented Eve from having sex with him. Now it makes me feel slightly ill. Dec 29, Hannah rated it did not like it Shelves: couldn-t-finish , no , teens. No, sorry, just couldn't get into it. Seems like adult themes written in by a small child. I felt it was just another book trying to convince girls and boys that they need to lose their virginity or have sex, just because everyone else is doing it and its what the guy wants.

Characters with zero dimensions, they need to grow up and stop trying to make us relate to their ridiculous dilemmas. Jun 10, Katie rated it liked it Shelves: read-in I think Eve was getting a little bit annoying by the end of the book but I didn't mind too much. Luke definitely went through a lot of growth and I couldn't help but feel proud of him as he finally decided to step up and stand up for his mother.

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Eve has been sent away to school in Spain to keep her out of Luke's arms. Just an ordinary, middle-aged guy with an ordinary, boring, office job. But in those last few weeks, Uncle Matt went on, what he told me he would miss most of all was the chance to see his children grow up. I could hear lots of sniffing behind me. I glanced sideways at Chloe. Tears were streaming down her face.

She was always closer to Dad than me. Uncle Matt sat down and a couple more people stood up. Someone read a poem. After that Chloe started bawling loudly and Mum leaned right across me to hold her hand. I wanted to get up and switch seats but it would have been too embarrassing.

So we all stayed there, in what must have looked like this massive, miserable cuddle. At last it was over. At the end they played My Way. Getting out of the crematorium building took ages. Mum was still clutching my arm, stopping as person after person came up to her. As we reached the door I caught sight of Chloe. She was standing near all the flowers laid out on the ground, surrounded by girls from her class. I recognised most of her friends. Anyway, right now she and her friends were all crying their eyes out. The other girls were hugging her and patting her on the shoulder, each of them jostling for the position of Most Important Friend at the Funeral.

She was standing slightly on the edge of the group. I stared at the way her smooth blonde hair curled onto her back. Massively, awesomely beautiful. Like a model or a film star. Heart-shaped face. Big eyes. And these incredibly sexy, pouty lips. Mum sighed. Of course, she said. Her voice cracked and she looked down.

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I felt a stab of guilt as she let go of my arm. But Uncle Matt was instantly at her side, taking her hand and drawing her over to talk to some other people. I sighed with relief. Then turned round to look for the girl. She was still there. I wanted to see what she looked like under that huge black overcoat. It was way, way too big for her. The shoulders hung halfway down her arms and the sleeves dangled below her hands. It was January.

It was cold. Let it be her father , I prayed. Or her brother. I knew some of them were here. Chloe was blowing her nose now. The skin around her eyes was red and streaks of make-up were smeared down her cheeks. She was talking to the girl in the big overcoat. My girl. I was thinking about going a bit closer. And then this guy wandered over to them. He was tall. I vaguely recognised him as a sixth-former from school. He said something to Chloe, then slipped his arm round the girl. My heart beat faster. I mentally measured the overcoat against his broad shoulders.

It was his coat. Had to be. Please let him be her brother. It was my one remaining hope. Then the girl looked up, gave him this dead sexy grin, and my hope was dashed. Neither did her boyfriend. I tried not to imagine what they might be doing instead. The women brought food and laid it out on the kitchen table. The men produced bottles of whisky and made whisky sours. I hovered, hoping one of them would offer me a glass.

Mum and Chloe stood in the living room, surrounded by people. I kept looking at the armchair Dad used to sit in all day before he had to go into the hospice. It felt odd seeing other people sprawled all over it. None of my mates had made it back from the crematorium. In fact I was pulling on my trainers in order to join them, when Uncle Matt cornered me in the hall.

Uncle Matt put his beefy hand on my shoulder. Look, son, he said. His hand dropped from my shoulder. Mum appeared behind him. She was smiling, but her eyes had this awful, dead look about them.

The trilogy

Are you feeling all right? I came back an hour later. The house was virtually empty now. They told me Mum was upstairs, lying down. I had to know who she was. I pushed the door open a fraction. Chloe was sitting on her bed, surrounded by photographs. She looked up at me, wiping her face and scowling. I hesitated. In this mood, Chloe was unlikely to tell me anything. Chloe narrowed her eyes. Yeah, right, she said. By the way, thanks for pissing off earlier and leaving me to cope with Mum on my own. It was clearly hopeless.

I closed the door and turned away, but to my surprise Chloe called after me. Hey, Luke, come back. She pointed to the snaps spread out on the duvet in front of her. Not for the first time I marvelled at how quickly her moods could change. I knelt down beside the bed and bent over the pictures.

Most were of Dad on his own, but there were some with Chloe in as well. She pointed to one where Dad was giving her a piggyback ride. She looked about six or seven. They were both laughing. She picked up the picture of her and Dad and stared at it. Wearing this outsize overcoat?

The One and Only (Six Steps Trilogy 3), McKenzie, Sophie, Used; Good Book | eBay

That meant Eve must be sixteen, or nearly sixteen. Whichever — she was a whole school year above me. There was a knock at the door. Without waiting for Chloe to reply, Mum walked in, carrying a cardboard box. A large, bulky envelope was balanced on top of the box. I glanced at Chloe, wondering if she was going to flip into a mood at Mum for barging in like that.

But Chloe was staring at the box and the envelope. What are they? Mum pressed her lips together. Long pause. I started thinking about the girl again. It was the perfect name for her. Simple and sexy. How come he got to have her? Sometimes life really sucked.

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I was suddenly aware of how tired she looked. Dad left this for you. I stared down at it, blinking hard. Yeah, doof brain. For you. Chloe was next to me, the bulky envelope that Mum had been carrying in her lap. She pointed to it. I got a letter. Dad started trying to write to you too, Luke, Mum said quickly. She tapped the lid of the box. She paused. Everything you need for them is up in the loft. I stood up. I had no idea what was inside the box, but the last thing I wanted was Uncle Matt muscling in with his now, son, do it like this routine.

I sat down on the bed, the cardboard box on my lap. What on earth was inside that Dad thought was so meaningful? I lifted the lid. Inside the box was a row of twenty or so paper envelopes with black discs inside. I pulled one out. Then another. They were vinyl records. Old ones. The paper sleeves were all scuffed and dirty. I recognised less than half of the bands. Not surprising. The tracks were all dated from ages ago — the late Seventies and early Eighties.

Records from when he was a teenager. My heart beat faster, and for the first time that day a huge sob rose up in my throat. Chloe gets a massive letter and I get palmed off with a bunch of ancient, crappy records. I pushed down the sob. I just had to accept it. He had no idea about my life. Only a bit. Being at home was just too depressing.

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Mum cried all the time. Not loudly. Never even openly, but she wandered around looking so sad it made me feel terrible. I tried to give her a hug a couple of times. But that just made her cry more. I wanted to say none of it was frigging fair. And I felt guilty that she was so unhappy and I hardly thought about Dad at all. I plugged it into the socket in the corner of my room, then covered it over with a towel.

My friends were all dead weird with me. They talked and joked like always and we played football just as before, but there was this way they had of looking at me, like I came from another planet and might mutate into a bloodsucking alien at any minute. And then there was Eve.

That first day I looked out for her all the way to school, then again when I was leaving. No sign. That was Friday. The weekend passed slowly. Certainly I must have imagined how beautiful her face was. Chloe and I hardly ever walked to school together, but we sometimes met up to come home. That Monday afternoon I was hanging about by the wall near the entrance gates, half waiting for her.

It was in the back of my mind that when Chloe came out with the rest of her class, Eve might be there too. I looked up. There was Chloe, surrounded by her friends as usual. They were giggling. No plants, no people, just ash and burned rock. We reach the end, and two soldiers are struggling with the bolts that hold the thick metal grille over the end of the shaft.

Shameema is sobbing, and I put my arm around her. Jaco hugs us both. The three Year Fives huddle together, sniffing. But it comes undone suddenly, and the grille clangs to the floor.

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  • A blast of dust and dried leaves swirl inside. Major Zungu grabs one of the Year Fives and shoves her towards the opening. She gives a sharp scream that ends abruptly as she drops out of sight. I clutch Shameema and Jaco. My mouth is filling with saliva. Now Major Zungu has the second Year Five girl.

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    Tears are streaming down her face and she wrestles with him. I look away as he bashes her head against the wall, and tosses her out before she can crumple at his feet. Save me. Please save me. Major Zungu takes me by the shoulders and shoves me to the edge of the tunnel. I cling onto the metal rim. Below are rocks. I clutch the rim, resisting him with everything I have. Suddenly there are footsteps running up the passage behind us.

    Major Zungu pulls me to my feet. Jaco and Shameema look terrified as Captain Atherton marches me past them. Probably something more agonising.

    The One and Only

    Something more suitable to a female born with the curse of the red hair. Captain Atherton takes me back to the stairwell. We keep climbing. But the rectangle of sky is getting bigger, the natural light is creeping into the stairwell and I focus on the beautiful clear blue, the single puffy cloud.

    At least I got to see the sky, I think wryly. I blink. Did I really see it? Nothing can live on the surface of the Earth. They told us so. At last we reach the top. Above me is a huge transparent roof.