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Moreover, some million people learn French as a foreign language. . A written document cannot teach much about listening to and speaking French. year old book, and coming to your town and saying "Hast thou" or "Wherefore art thou. singular, starting with a vowel sound, l', /l/, l'enfant, (lah(n)-fah(n)), the child.
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Denton Fox Englewood Cliffs, N. Articles in reference works. If the article is signed, the author is cited first; if unsigned, the title comes first.

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Often articles in reference books are signed with initials that are identified in the index or in another volume. In a work that is alphabetically arranged, volume and page number may also be omitted; volume and page number, however, must be given if the citation is to only one page of a multipage article. A similar form is used for annuals, yearbooks, and many other reference books.

A work in a series. A modern reprint of an older edition. In citing reprints, give the date of the original edition. If the original work appeared in a different country, include the original place of publication as well. New York: Vintage-Knopt, , p. Paris: Nizet, , p. Boston: Beacon, , p. David J. Nordloh et al. Bloomington: Indiana Univ. It is common practice for a publisher to commission a scholar to write an introduction to a standard novel and to publish that introduction with a resetting of an edition of the work. In citing such an introduction, use the following form:.

Jessie Coulson, ed. George Gibian New York: Norton, , p. If the work of the translator is being discussed or cited, his or her name comes first.

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Schoolfield, trans. And Lits. Leonard C. George E.

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An unpublished dissertation. The title should be placed in quotation marks, not [italicized]. The name of the university may be shortened, as long as it remains unambiguous e. Johns Hopkins , p. Aarhus Copenhagen: Munksgaard, , p. Bonn Leipzig: privately printed, , p. New York: MLA, , p. In general, in citing a government document, indicate the agency first. The name of the agency may be abbreviated if the context makes it clear. The title of the publication [italicized] should follow immediately. Types of Congressional publications include bills S.

The usual publishing information comes next i. Since documents of the United Nations and most local governments do not issue from a central office, give full publishing information as it appears on the title page. Washington, D. Washburne, 39th Cong.



New York: Arno, , p. Cambridge: Harvard Law Review Association, In general, laws, acts, and similar documents are not italicized in either text or notes Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States, Taft-Hartley Act. In such citations, one refers to sections rather than pages; the year number should be added if relevant.

Although lawyers and legal scholars adopt many abbreviations in their citations, use only familiar abbreviations when writing for a more general audience.

Example: (heading)

Note that in references to the United States Code, often abbreviated as U. Names of law cases are both abbreviated and shortened Brown v. Board of Ed. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas , but the first important word of each party is always spelled out. Unlike laws, names of cases are always italicized in text; in notes, they are not.

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The information required in citing a case includes the name of the first plaintiff and first defendant; the volume, name, and page in that order or the law report cited; the name of the court that decided the case; and the year in which it was decided. Once again, considerable abbreviation is the norm. National Broadcasting Co. A book without place of publication, publisher, date of publication, or pagination.

When a book lacks printed publication information or pagination, indicate this by using one or more of the following abbreviations:. If unstated information is known or ascertained, indicate it in brackets: New York: Univ. If little or no information can be ascertained, record what you know:. A book with multiple publishers. Starr, Mary P. Thompson, and Donald D. Walsh, eds. For example, S. In circumstances like this, cite the publishing information of the edition that you are using. A book without page numbers but with signatures. Some books that lack page numbers, especially ones published before , may include at the foot of every fourth page, every eighth page, every sixteenth page, and so on, a sequence of letters, numerals, or other symbols called signatures, which were intended to help the bookbinder assemble the groups of pages into the proper order.

The pages following each new signature may bear the same symbol with an added numeral either Arabic or Roman. Give the name s of the author s as printed on the first page or last page of the article. If only initials are given, indicate them all, and, in typing, leave a space after each period. Add names of cities or of institutions in square brackets to differentiate a given periodical from others with the same title or to locate an unfamiliar journal.

For journals that have continuous pagination throughout the volume i. If, however, each issue of a volume is paged independently i. The year —preceded by month or season e. If the volume covers several years, list only the year of the article in question. Follow the page number with a period unless an additional reference to a note is needed n. An article in a journal with continuous pagination throughout the annual volume. This is the basic form of reference to an article in a periodical.

An article from a journal that pages each issue separately or that numbers only issues. An article from a journal with more than one series. An article from a weekly magazine or weekly newspaper. An article from a monthly magazine. An article from a daily newspaper. Reviews, signed and unsigned.

Billeskov Jansen and P. An article whose title contains a quotation or a title within quotation marks. Beginning with Vol. From Vol. Manuscripts and typescripts. In citing such sources, state, among other details, the location of the material, the identifying number if any that may have been assigned to it, and whether it is a manuscript MS or typescript TS. Manuscripts are usually foliated i. This and all other notebooks cited are in the Mark Twain Papers, Univ. The citation must include the title [italicized] , distributor, and date. Other information writer, director, performers, producer, etc.

Physical characteristics e. Theatrical performances. References to theatrical performances should contain information similar to that given for films but should also include theater, city, and date of performance. In some cases, it is desirable to cite the conductor cond. Remember to identify the institution housing the work e. If only a photograph of the work is used, indicate this and include its source in citing the work. Hatzfeld New York: Oxford Univ. Where appropriate, the title of the episode in quotation marks is given before the title of the program and the title of the series not [italicized] and not in quotation marks is given after the program.

Other information director, narrator, producer may be given if pertinent. Bill Bain, prod. John Hawkesworth, Masterpiece Theatre, introd. Hugh Downs, writ. The physical characteristics may be included in parentheses following the catalog number if the information is relevant or if the recording is not readily available see sample note The title of a recording of classical music e. Mozart, Divertimento in D K. Neville Mariner, Academy of St. Recordings of the spoken word should be treated in the same way, usually with the speaker cited first.

The titles of private or archival recordings and tapes should not be [italicized]. The date recorded if known and the location and identifying number of the recording should also be included. Jacket notes, librettos, and other material accompanying a recording may be cited as follows:. Gordon N. Ray Cambridge: Harvard Univ. Press, , II, — Some scholars use the abbreviations ALS autograph letter signed and TLS typed letter signed to distinguish between handwritten and typewritten letters.

The note should specify at the outset the mode of communication. Documents from an information service. If the document was published separately from the information service, give full details of its original publication, followed by its identifying number in the information service.

Report No. If the document was not previously published, treat the distribution of the document by the information service as the mode of publication. Indirect sources. Whenever possible, information should be taken from the original source, not a secondhand one. In some instances, however, the most direct source is an indirect one; for example, a spoken remark may be recorded in the journals of someone present when it was made or of someone to whom the remark was later retold.

George Birkbeck Hill and L. Powell, II Oxford: Clarendon, , On some occasions, it may be necessary to quote from a quotation within another book when the original book is not available. In these instances, give all information that is available to you about the original work. Torrentino, , p. Centrale, Florence, fol. She ended her days, a legendary figure surrounded by her beloved cats, confined to her beautiful Palais-Royal apartment overlooking Paris. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles.

L'éternel retour ou le destin singulier de l'enfant

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II. Psychologie de l'enfant.

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